I was born in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, in a particularly torrid summer. But soon after, I was bound to celebrate most of my birthdays in the piercing cold of the northern hemisphere. Of the tropical phase of my life I don’t remember much, except from the fact that I loved drinking mate-limão and that my name changed many times before finally being registered as a Patricia. I was Francesca for a few days, and Veronica too, as far as I know. In the end my dad opted for Patricia, a name that is spelled the same way in several different languages. “This girl is going to be globetrotter, Patricia will come in handy”- he said. No sooner said than done, before turning 30, I lived in Italy, where I was raised, then France, the UK and the USA.

But where did “Patricia” come from? Oddly enough, many years later, I found out that my name was the result of a poll amongst my dad’s secretaries.  All the candidate names came from their heroines, the bombshell protagonists of the Brazilian telenovelas of the 80s. Patricia was their favorite one, so here I am, I guess, blond enough to be a Patricia. But who was this Patricia in real life? Searching around, I found out that the artistic name of the actress playing the role of Patricia was Pepita Rodrigues. So, to pay tribute, I decided to adopt her name. If you still find on the web some articles signed by a mysterious Pepita Rodrigues, well, relax, that’s only me.

At Williamsburg Waterfront. Photo by Vera Comploj

After studying at Sciences Po in Paris -a city where I would love to move back to one day- and graduating from Bocconi University, in Milan, I worked for the major Italian contemporary art museums. On the side I started writing. Apart from some articles that I wrote for the Italian daily Il Secolo XIX when I was still attending high school, my first feature story was published by the art magazine Flash Art in 2007. It was about one of the form of art that I like the most: performance. The director of the magazine didn’t know me, but he kept on seeing me at all the performative art festivals and shows around Italy, so he decided to assign me a two page story on the subject. He didn’t care that I had never done it before. This is how I broke into journalism. Since then I have reported on art, culture, style and fashion for several Italian publication, such as D di Repubblica, the weekly supplement for the national daily La Repubblica. In New York I worked for over a year and a half for America24, the American unit of the Italian media company Il Sole 24 Ore. On this blog you’ll find my look on the city where I live, New York, and various insights on art, traveling, style and trends.  Enjoy!

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  1. Bonjour Patricia,

    I found your profile on Odesk while looking for someone to write a press release for an art book. Would you be interested?


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