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Tess Giberson’s sober elegance


Tess Giberson, 97 Crosby Street, SoHo. Photo by Vera Comploj

A sober elegance, soft lengthened and destructured lines: these are the elements that characterize Tess Giberson’s collections, which are created in the rear of this boutique.  Her creations draw from an interest in geometrical shapes and in the reproduction of movement obtained by overlaying different materials, such as silk and wool, for instance.

One of the distinctive traits of Giberson’s collections is the sartorial attention to detail, by using forgotten sewing techniques and adding precious hand-made insets. The patterns and colors on some scarves and shirts are the outcome of a series of collaborations with artists including, Giberson’s husband, Jon Widman, some of whose drawings recently became part of the MoMA collection.

“Her style is casual yet sophisticated, suitable for women who works, who want to be elegant while feeling comfortable in there clothes”, said Christian Stroble, the stylist who curated this New York shopping guide.

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