New York City Guide

Manhattan Shopping Guide


Photo Vera Comploj

Far away from the big department stores, walking around downtown Manhattan is the best way to enjoy shopping (or “window shopping”, if your wallet is as light as your dreams). Where the streets become narrower and the orthogonal grid of the city fades away, you can find stores such as MM6 Maison Martin Margiela (363 Bleecker Street, West Village), the first boutique in the world that the anti-brand entirely dedicated to the women easy-to-wear line MM6. Opened last August, this store, with its post-industrial atmosphere played around silver nuances and neon lights that bounce on the mirrors, is undoubtedly a must-go place for shopping lovers. One could say the same about many other boutiques and since it’s hard to be impartial when it comes to fashion, I have asked for a “partial” yet professional opinion. The following is the top ten NYC stores selected by Christian Stroble, a stylist and personal shopper, from Kingston who has lived in NYC for 15 years. After having attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, launched the brand Eventide with his friend Sarah Spratt and worked in France and China, he came back to New York to be a stylist. But he hasn’t forgotten his passion for designing and soon he’ll come out with a unisex line of bags that will bring his name.

Here are Christian’s favorite shops in Manhattan:

1)   Maison Martin Margiela

2)   New York Vintage

3)   What comes around goes around

4)   Tess Gibberson

5)   N° 6

6)   Reformation

7)   Creatures of Comfort

8)   Atelier

9)   Alhoa Rag

10)  Zero + Maria Cornjeo

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